We introduce Czech and Slovak airports: Strunkovice Airport (LKSR)


We introduce Czech and Slovak airports: Strunkovice Airport         We want to introduce you most of the Czech and Slovak airports for general aviation. Today Strunkovice Airport (LKSR) at Czechia. Folow landing from the pilot view and see basic informations about airport.

Strunkovice Airport, LKSR, landing, take off from runway 33 aned low pass over rwy 33.

Strunkovice airport - basic info


Name Strunkovice Airport     Runway 15/33, 900x23 m    Pilot Info VFR manual
 ICAOLKSR Surface Grass Skyvector Strunkovice Airport
Status Public    Website www.ak-pt.cz
Poloha South Czechia     Webcam  - 


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Strunkovice Airport - map





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