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Basic information

Entry:  Czech Republic is part of the Schengen area. Flights within Schengen can land at any airport without the need to clear customs/immigration controls. Arrivals/Departures to/from any other countries need to proceed via international airports and clear customs/immigration.
FPL: An FPL must be submitted except for the following cases: Domestic flights and flights within the Schengen area, conducted in “G” and “E” airspace. Domestic flights within the Schengen area conducted in “G” or “E” airspace to or from CTR/TMA of “D” class. It is important however to check the regulations for the other countries on your route. There is an agreement between Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Slovakia which stipulates that an FPL is not compulsory for VFR flights among these countries.
Microlights: Czech Republic does not require special permission for entry of foreign-registered microlights. Foreign microlights however, have to meet certain criteria (compulsory insurance, valid pilot licence, valid medical, valid certificate of airworthiness – see AIP Czech Republic


Useful Links:


ATC - “Services/customers VFR” section contains briefing information for VFR pilots
AIP and other regulatory information - An up-to-date AIP can be downloaded from this link. You can also subscribe for a free update service. - Up-to-date VFR manual provided by ATC Czech Republic, downloadable free of charge. – information and briefing/planning tool provided by ATC Czech Republic. Daily update of special airspace activitation can be found here too. - Currently valid NOTAMs in the Czech Republic
Meteo - up-to-date METARs Czech Republic – English language weather briefing for Czech Republic
Airports  - Prague airport  - Brno airport  - Ostrava airport - Karlovy Vary airport
Other links - Microlight association of the Czech Republic - Aeroclub of the Czech Republic (Czech language only)


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