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logo_fr_vfr_communication_eng.jpg Mastering aviation English communication and phraseology is a very important part of flying safely to foreign countries. Especially if you fly in Europe, most of the time it is vital to be able communicate in English in order to be able to fly beyond your national borders safely and reliably. 

To ensure that pilots not only get first class instruction on all the rules and principles of English aviation communication but also gain their own communication experience even before their first international flight, Flying Revue has developed another unique product. The Aviation English Communication App gives you the opportunity to listen to real life recordings of communications that every pilot is certain to hear on his/her flight. The recordings have been made during our flights over various countries in Europe and North America and they cover all possible situations. As a result you will hear the different accents and sometime even expressions used in various phases of your flight. The Application contains much more so if you are interested you can use the free trial period of 10 days which helps you understand fully what you can get.

The cost of unrestricted access to the Application for 12 months is 90 EUR and for 6 months 60 EUR. The access fee includes also unrestricted access to Flying Revue Videobank. The Application is available with instructions in German, Russian and English languages.

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