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Welcome to the Flying Revue International website - a unique source of information for pilots planning their VFR flights around Europe. more

Fly Europe

Finding correct and reliable information on VFR flying in foreign countries may sometime be quite complex. more

Flying Revue Expeditions history

The Flying Revue flight expeditions have by now covered all continents with the exception of Antarctica more

Free download practical posters for pilots Airport signs and marking

Flying safely means a lot of knowledge, respect for the rules and procedures as well as adequate level of experience. more

Airport Videobank

 The globally unique project of a videobank containing spheric videos of hundreds of airports in many countries has been introduced by Flying Revue in order to assist pilots with the preparation of their VFR flights. Whenever you fly to a new airport it is important to prepare yourself as best as you can. Runway length, surface, notams, traffic circuit, opening hours, fuel availability all that is important. However, the approach path, the vicinity of the airport, its runway system, its fuel pump location etc. is no less important. more

Aviation English Communication App Altiport 007 - Peysourde Balestas

 Mastering aviation English communication and phraseology is a very important part of flying safely to other countries. Especially if you fly in Europe, it is critical to be able communicate in English in order to be able to fly beyond your national borders safely and reliably.  more



Airport Videobank

Airport Videobank

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