The Aviation Museum Kunovice

The Aviation Museum Kunovice

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Letecka 1383
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic

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Did you know that you can touch the aeroplanes and even look inside some of them? In the museum there are no barriers between the visitors and the exhibits. For one entrance fee you can look inside the planes, listen to the radio communication of the crews with the Kunovice airport tower and feel the atmosphere of aviation.

The town of Kunovice is one of the legendary places of Czechoslovak aviation.
The exhibition documents the history of aviation and aircraft production, which still plays an important role in Eastern Moravia. This production is concentrated in Kunovice in the region of Uherské Hradiště.adji_0292-1.jpg

From propeller planes to jets
See legendary aerotaxi, sport, transport and military aircraft. A helicopter, towed target, drone, radar and weapons dating back to the Czechoslovak People's Army are also displayed.

Unique aircraft
There are a number of truly unique aircraft, prototypes and aircraft with interesting histories that you will only find in Kunovice Aviation Museum.

Indoor exhibitions
In the entrance building there is an exhibition room with a thematic exhibition on the legendary twin-engine L-200 Morava. In the hangar you can also see the Z-126 Trener, the L-39 ZA Albatros, the Sojka reconnaissance drone and a cross-section of a jet engine.

Services for visitors
At the ticket office you can buy hot and cold drinks and choose from a wide range of aviation souvenirs. Cashless payment by card is accepted.

Events for the public
The museum traditionally organises annual events for the public: „Event U“ (during which volunteers can take part in cleaning and preparing exhibits for the season and thus see exhibits that are normally inaccessible), the Military Day in the Kunovice Aircraft Museum, the Museum Night with a screening of films related to aviation, and „Mini-flight“ ( a popular event for children, where they can "fly" in pedal planes, get their first "pilot's license" and learn many interesting things about aviation).


Nagano Express at the museum
The former government squadron Tu-154 airliner, machine known as the „Nagano Express“, on which the Czech ice hockey team celebrated winning Olympic gold in Nagano in 1998 during their return trip, has been open to the public since the summer of 2018. Saving this machine was not easy. It took two years to dismantle it in its original location and another two to reassemble it. The museum also restored the original livery the plane wore at the time of its legendary flight from Nagano. The famous "Tuchko" flew with another Tu-154 in the government squadron until 2008, when they were replaced by Airbus aircraft.

Museum latest developments
In 2023, new toilets including a wheelchair module and a refreshment stand were installed.

In 2022, an interactive educational zone for children was built and opened on the museum site. In the same year, the legendary Z-37 Bumble Bee and the MiG-23 MF fighter with variable wing geometry were added to the museum collection.

In 2021, a Yakovlev Yak 40 VIP aircraft was added to the museum collection. It transported members of the Czech government and was therefore converted into a VIP aircraft. It flew not only within the Czech Republic but also abroad, for example to London, Brussels and Rome. In 1990, this Yak-40 transported Pope John Paul II to Kunovice, from where he went on to visit Velehrad.

Want to fly in a plane?
We can arrange that too! Right next to the museum you can use the services of the "Slovácký Aviation Club. On the premises of the Aeroclub there are also refreshments and a playground for children.1dsc_6372.jpg


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