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Application provider: Galileo Training s.r.o , Jindrova 56, 155 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic Company registration number 27910661 – hereunder referred to as Provider

Product: Web application English VFR Communication – hereunder referred to as Application

Galileo Training s.r.o is the sole owner of the Application. Usage of the Application or any of its parts for any other purpose than study by the rightful user – e.g. copying, quoting, use of graphical, video or audio material is subject to approval of Galileo Training s.r.o. The Provider reserves the right to amend or change the Application or any part thereof without prior notice.


Communication channels

1.1 There are several communication channels and interactions we may have with customers and potential customers which require that we collect personal data in order to fulfil the task that of providing access to the Application and any support or assistance required. The extent to which we collect this data, and the situations in which it is necessary, are described below. Under the GDPR we have made clear the lawful reasons under which all parts of personal information are collected.

Non-disclosure of personal information

1.2 We, as the Provider never disclose any of the personal information provided to us by you to any third party except to our payment facilitator, where a minimum set of data is transferred to enable the authorisation of payments. As we use a third party to collect payments, at no point is any payment information (card details) ever stored on our servers.

Information related to Free trials

1.3 At times we may offer to our prospective customers a free trial valid for a limited period of time in order for them to get acquainted with all the features of the Application. To enable a free trial we require an email address, full name and country of residence, in order to communicate details about the trial account and so that we have at least a minimum of information about the prospective customers. We have a legitimate commercial interest in holding these details.

1.4 We treat the potential customer´s starting of a trial as him/her showing interest in our products, and from time to time we may send emails to our trial users with information about new developments with the product they have shown interest in. These emails are optional and can be switched off at any time.

Paid subscriptions

1.5 A subscription for our service represents a contract between the Provider and the Customer. Therefore, we require full postal address and telephone number as part of that contract in addition to the information required for a Free Trial Subscriptions. These may be used to communicate with our customers in case of a need or to help solve an issue with our service. As part of our service we provide storage of customer-created data such as their personal communication recordings. This data may be held for a period of time after the subscription concerned has ended unless it is all deleted before then by the Customer.

1.6 From time to time we send emails to our customers (both current and expired) with information about new features of the Application and/or any new products which we developed and which may be of interest to you. These emails are optional and can be switched off at any time.


1.7 We have a legal obligation to keep all invoices we issue to all customers, for auditing purposes. These invoices will include such personal information as the Customer´s name, email address and full postal address.

Provision of storage details

1.8 If so requested by any Customer we, the Provider, will send the Customer a specic information on the storage and use of his/her personal information

Limitation of personal data usage

1.9 No personal data provided by any Customer will be used for any other purposes than provision of the services contracted and related processes (invoicing, technical support etc.)


Application contents

2.1 The Application website contains a list of all the services offered including their final prices inclusive of VAT. The Provider is, however, free to offer pricing and other conditions different from the published ones if commercial or other interests require him to do so.

Application access period

2.2 The Customer needs to decide whether he/she is interested in purchasing a 6 or 12 month access to the Application and then pay the appropriate price by means of Credit/Debit Card.

Alternative payment channels

2.3 Alternative payment channels can be agreed with the Provider when it is required by the Customer or the specific transaction.

Order form and purchase

2.4 An electronic order form is sent to the Provider after the prospective Customer clicks on the button „Purchase“ After the payment is processed, the order is confirmed and the Customer receives an access code sent to the e-mail address shown in the registration/order form. The contact details provided by the prospective Customer are considered correct and are further used as such.

Contract validity (subscription) period

2.5 The Contract (Subscription) between the Provider and the Customer comes into force by the Purchaser´s acceptance of the order and the payment from the Customer. The Contract (Subscription) is terminated after expiration of the subscription period (6 or 12 months)

Right to refuse service

2.6 The Provider may at his own discretion decline to accept any order. Customers who may have previously breached the Terms and Conditions of the Provider may be refused without further explanation.


3.1 During the Subscription period, the user may use all the available functionalities offered by the Application.

3.2. In order to access the Application, each customer will have a unique username and password. The password will be provided to him/her when the payment for the selected

subscription is credited to the Provider. The access username and password may only be used by the Customer and may not be passed over to any other person or organisation.

3.3. The customer accepts that the Application may not be accessible without interruption. Brief periods when the Application is not usable may occur as a result of necessary HW/SW maintenance. In the unlikely case that the Application is not accessible for 48 hours or more, all current customers will be compensated by an equal prolongation of their subscription.

3.4 The access to the contents of the Application is strictly reserved to the Customer who received the access password. Passing the access password to any other person or organisation will be considered as a breach of these Terms and Conditions. In such a case the Provider is entitled to discontinue the access to the Application to the specific Customer without any compensation.

3.5 In order for the Provider to be able to customize the usage of the Application, it is important for the Customer to provide all the information requested required by the Application registration form.


The Customer is entitled to use the Application immediately after making the payment for the selected access option.

4.2. The ordered Subscription is payable immediately by means of Credit/Debit cards shown in the payment window.

4.3. The prices shown are final inclusive of VAT and include all distribution/payment costs.

4.4. Should the Customer, Provider or the nature of the subscription require it, alternative payment channels and/or conditions can be agreed with the Provider.


These subscriptions are designed for business use (mostly Flight Training facilities). If the Customer purchases or renews a corporate subscription then he/she will be required to accept the following:

5.1 If the subscription is based on individual codes for students then the corporate customer will ensure that the individual access codes are only used by the students to whom the organisation has provided the access code.

5.2 If the corporate subscription is based on a maximum number of devices or students, then such organisation will ensure that the maximum number of devices logged into the Application is less than or equal to the number purchased.


Professional team

6. 1 All the information provided by the Application respect the current international aviation communication rules and practices applied for VFR flights and the team who developed the Application includes aviation professionals with the highest knowledge and international experience in the field of VFR English language communication.

Collection of data and responsibility

6.2 We take extreme care in the collection and preparation of the information provided by the Application to our Customers. We warrant that it is collected, maintained and provided to the highest possible standards. However, if the source documents contain mistakes or are not accessible, we cannot guarantee 100% correctness of the data within the Application.


6.3. The usage of the information and knowledge offered by the Application does not relieve the Customers (pilots) of the obligation to adhere to the appropriate national and international rules and practices applicable for VFR flights in the countries where the flight is operated. In case of a conflict between the information provided by the Application and the applicable national or international rules, the rules applicable in the country concerned are the ones the pilot must adhere to.

6.4 The information contained in the Application are provided on the expectation that the users of the Application will, during their flight, respect the laws and rules governing aviation communication internationally and/or in the countries overflown.

6.5 To the extent permitted by law, we disclaim all other warranties with respect to our software and service, either express or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

6.6 The Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused directly or indirectly in connection with usage of our service, except to the extent that such liability may not be lawfully excluded.

6.7 In the event that any clause in these terms shall be held to be invalid for any reason and the Provider becomes liable for loss or damage that may lawfully be limited, such liability shall be limited to the fee paid by the Customer for his/her subscription.

6.8 The Provider shall not be liable for death, personal injury or material damage incurred while using or as a result of using our service.


7.1. The Provider is not responsible for any faults resulting from the acts of god or for any problems arising as a result of the Customer using the Application in an inappropriate way.

7.2. The Provider has the right to refuse access to the Application to any Customer who uses the Application in an inappropriate way. This includes:

7.2.1 Acts leading to damaging the Application in any possible manner.

7.2.2 Copying and using the texts, photos, videos, animations or any other parts of the Application in a way different from the intended use of own study of VFR communication English.

7.2.3 Handing over the access codes to the Application to any other party.


For an undisturbed usage of the Application it is important to ensure that an appropriate HW and SW are used by the Application customers. HW and SW should meet the following requirements:

8.1. Operating system:

· Windows 8 and higher

· OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and higher

Note: The Application may also function on a lower (older) system but the Provider cannot guarantee undisturbed use and full functionality. The operating system needs to have drivers installed which are necessary for recording and listening to the audio recordings.

8.2 Web browser

· Internet Explorer 10 and higher

· Firefox 50 and higher

· Google Chrome 60 and higher

Note: The Application may also function on a lower (older) web browser but the Provider cannot guarantee undisturbed use and full functionality. It is also important to ensure that your browser allows recording and listening to audio recordings. Your web browser needs to support HTML5 (Animations).

8.3 Internet connection

· The Application can only be used on line i.e. when your device is connected to the Internet.

· The Application does not operate in off-line mode.

8.4 Hardware

To access the Application the Customer will need the following hardware:

· Basic electronic device which can serve to display textual and graphic information – monitor/graphic display.

· External microphone and headset.

Note: The Application can also be used with built in microphone but the quality of recording may not be at the appropriate quality.

8.5 Mobile devices:

· The Application supports all mobile devices made since 2015 year.

· You can enjoy both, the reading and audio content on your tablet or mobile.

· Not all mobile devices support recording audio on a web browser.


Any and all correspondence related to these Conditions and Terms as well as any issues related to the usage of the Application or any suggestions or concerns to the Provider, can be communicated via the contacts shown in the Contacts section of the Application website.


If the Customer is unhappy with the Application he/she may choose to terminate it within 15 days of paying for the selected subscription. We will refund such transaction in full while asking you to explain the reason why you were unhappy with our service. We may terminate your subscription with notice if you are found to be in breach of any of these terms and do not take steps to promptly remedy the breach. In the event of such a termination no refund will be offered.

11. LAW

You agree that these terms shall be construed in accordance with Law of the Czech Republic.

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