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6.11.2017 How do you rebuild Blanik L-13? Come see with us!  Finální montáž. Foto: Jan Dvořák

Follow Flying Revue to the backstage of Czech gliders’ manufacturers   Heavy hearts of Blanik glider enthusiasts could finally cheer up a year ago - Blanik Limited was awarded an EASA certificate that it can carry out rebuilding of the grounded gliders. So, we went behind the scenes and visited the production to see what needs to be done and what does your Blanik must go through before it can fly again, and its lifespan can extend up to 6,000 hours.  more

1.9.2017 First in the world: Prerov gyroplane enthusiasts have an airplane that can drive on the road GyroMotion – a gyroplane that can fly as well as drive on regular roads. Pictured on Wenceslas Square in Prague here. Credit: AGN systems ltd.

A plane that’s allowed on the roads        Desire to fly is as old as humanity itself, desire to have a flying automobile is just a little bit younger than the history of flying but no less intense. It is thanks to gyroplane enthusiasts from Moravia that this dream is currently becoming a reality, and based on all things considered, it is them who built and homologized a machine, first of its kind in the world, which has been approved for flying as well as driving on surface roads. more

Composit Airplanes spol. s r.o. Diamond Aircraft DA42. Foto: Composit Airplanes

The history of Composit Airplanes s.r.o. dates back to 1992. Since that time it has mainly been involved in production of laminated parts used in various sport, aviation and car industry production or in communication technologies. In addition to the fortified laminate parts for any types of aircraft and categories, Composit Airplanes s.r.o. runs mass as well as made to order production of catamaran hulls, pull behind motorcycle trailers, windsurfer boards, laminating molds, carbon robotic arms for production processes automation, bullet-proof vests, police helmets and other products.  One of the most important orders fulfilled for the aviation sector was the full-scale replica of Gripen aircraft. The company is also proud of having introduced to the market its own microlight glider VIVA. more

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