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23.1.2018 Video: By Cessna 172 over Alaska II.

Video: By Cessna 172 over Alaska II.    Today´s Alaska 2017 Expedition flight video follows the flight from Cordova to Chitina, Talkeetna and Kodiak.  more

17.1.2018 Video: By Cessna 172 over Alaska I.

Video: By Cessna 172 over Alaska I.    Dear readers, today we start a new section of regular flight videos. In the first series of nine videos, we'll take you over Alaska. more

22.12.2017 Flying through the Bering Strait was one of my greatest accomplishments, says Jiri Prusa Americký ostrov Malý Diomed vpředu a ruský Velký Diomed. Mezi nimi vede hranice Usa a Ruska i datová hranice.

Alaska Expedition 2017 - Interview   It’s unlikely that many Czech pilots have seen the Bering Strait, a place where Asia and America meet. Jiri Prusa included this wonderful experience in his portfolio of interesting flights during his Alaska expedition.  more

21.12.2017 Caribbean Expedition in photos, 2016 San Thomas Island, US Virgin Islands

Carribean 2016 Expedition  Please find photos from our Caribbean Expedition, shot by Jiri Prusa and Peter Nikolaev.  March 2016. Route: Florida-Cayman Islands-Haiti-Saint Marteen-Saint Barthélemy-Guadeloupe-Trinidad-Montserrat-San Salvador-Bahamas-Florida. 65 photos in gallery. more

16.10.2017 Australia, it is a wonderful infinity, says Jiri Prusa after he’s flown above the continent for over 18,000 kilometers Downtown Sydney. Credit: Jiri Prusa

Australia 2017: Interview by Jan Dvorak   Cessna 182 and Ayers Rock, Cape York, Sydney, Melbourne, Gulf of Carpentaria, and endless, hundreds of kilometers long deserted beaches, flying for hours and hours above the infinite dusty landscape with equally endless, perfectly straight railroad in the middle. All this and much more is Australia from above. Find details on Jiri Prusa’s another successful expedition.   more

14.9.2017 An extreme airport: Madeira. Beware of turbulence on the runway Funchal Airport, Madeira in the Atlantic. Photo by Flying Revue

Extreme airports I.: Madeira, Portugal    Dear readers, Flying Revue owns one of the world's largest collections of landings at about 400 airports in Europe, the USA, Australia, and Africa. We have captured many of them on video, too. We chose the most demanding landings from a pilot standpoint, and we’d like to present these to you in our series of Extreme Airport articles. Here, in the first episode, we invite you to Funchal airport in Madeira as experienced by our pilot Jiri Prusa.  more

1.9.2017 First in the world: Prerov gyroplane enthusiasts have an airplane that can drive on the road GyroMotion – a gyroplane that can fly as well as drive on regular roads. Pictured on Wenceslas Square in Prague here. Credit: AGN systems ltd.

A plane that’s allowed on the roads        Desire to fly is as old as humanity itself, desire to have a flying automobile is just a little bit younger than the history of flying but no less intense. It is thanks to gyroplane enthusiasts from Moravia that this dream is currently becoming a reality, and based on all things considered, it is them who built and homologized a machine, first of its kind in the world, which has been approved for flying as well as driving on surface roads. more

17.4.2016 TEST - kopie

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