Unusual landings 8: Elliot Island airstrip, Australia


Unusual landings 8.      The eights video from the new Unusual landings video series shows landing at Lady Elliot Island on the eastern part of Australia. 

Australia, Lady Elliot - Landing and Take off

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Plane: Cessna 172.

The coral islands scattered all over Coral Reef in the Coral Sea surrounding the north-east part of Australia take your breath away. Most of these islands are small and some are at least partly submerged. The almost round Lady Elliot Island (map) covered with bushes and cut in half by an airstrip is therefore an exception.


The island serves as a base for snorkelling and discovering the beauty of the underwater coral structures. The visitors who want to get from one part of the island to the other need to cross the runway. To do so safely, there is a traffic light which is green for the pedestrians when there is no aircraft taking off or landing.


Our approach and landing was quite standard but the problem was that the radio communication was maintained on a frequency different from that shown in the charts and that the airport is not open to public. Again, this was not shown in the charts so we had to accept some stronger words from the operator and depart quite quickly after our landing.  

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Jindřich Ilem, Jožo Skácal, Michal Beran, Jiří Pruša, Miloš Dermišek