Take offs and landings 35: Venice, Nicelli Airport


Take offs and landings 35: Venice - Lido, Nicelli Airport, Italy      The thirty fifth video from the Take offs and landings videoseries shows landing on Bolzano Airport, Italy, Europe. 

Italy, Venezia Lido LIPV - Take off

Venice-Lido Airport (LIPV) -  take off

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The airport of Venezia-Lido gives you an exotic feeling – it is located by the sea, its terminal is and art deco beauty and you can well see the city of Venice when flying the airport circuit. The landing fees are moderate, Avgas is available and you can refresh youreself at a pleasant airport snack bar and restaurant. Within 20 minutes you get by boat to the heart of Venice.


The airport originally served air transportation to/from Venice but today it only serves general aviation. This is, of course, great. Lido is an uncontrolled airport with a professional information service. Its runway 05/23 is grass and finishes on the sea coast. Our video shows a departure from runway 05.

After leaving the circuit the pilot is usually handed over to the APP Venice Tessera airport air traffic controller. Then you usually get instruction to follow the coast at 1000 or 1500 feet and over Caorle (east) or Chioggia (west) you are usually handed over to Padova Information. The low flight over the coast is attractive but keep in mind that there is usually VFR traffic in the opposite direction following the coast at the same altitude.

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» Nicelli Airport LIPV, Venice, Italy, Europe

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Source: Maps.google.com

General Info:

Latitude45° 25' 42.19" N
Longitude12° 23' 16.8" E
Elevation13'ft / 4mMSL



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Source: WorldAeroData.com

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