Take offs and landings 27: Plockton Airport


»Take offs and landings 27: Plockton Airfield, Scotland, Great Britain, Europe       The twenty seventh video from the Take offs and landings videoseries shows landing and take off from Plockton Airfield, Great Britain.

Great Britain, Plockton XPLO - Landing

Great Britain, Plockton XPLO - Take off

Plockton Airport (XPLO) -  přistání a vzlet

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Plockton is a little town on the western coast of Scottish Highlands. Its bay represents the last part of one of the branches of Gulf Stream. Therefore you can find here palm trees and other unexpected plants. The airfield of Plockton is uncontrolled and has barely any traffic. There is a little box next to the parking where the visiting pilots should leave the landing fees. My landing and departure were quite uneventful as the weather was fine. So there is a very little I can add to the video

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» Plockton Airfield XPLO, Scotland, Great Britain

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General Info:

CountryUnited Kingdom
TimeUTC 0 (+1DT)
57° 20' 8.19" N
5° 40' 20.62" W
Elevation80 feet
24 meters



BFD130,65 MHz



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02/20595.5 x 22.9m 
1954' x 75'ft

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Jindřich Ilem, Jožo Skácal, Michal Beran, Jiří Pruša, Miloš Dermišek
Jindřich Ilem, Jožo Skácal, Michal Beran, Jiří Pruša, Miloš Dermišek