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Basic information:

Entry:  Even though Greece is part of the Schengen area, all international flights – including those from Schengen – must first land at an international airport and clear the customs/immigration. Also, when leaving Greece, you need to do so from an international airport and clear customs/immigration.
FPL: A flight plan must be filed for any flight to/from and/or within Greece. An FPL for over-the-sea flights needs to use IFR points over the sea.
Microlights: Permission is required for microlights.


Useful links: 

CAA - CAA Greece website showing information for individual Greek airports
AIP - Free AIP download after registration
MLA association - Hellenic Aeronautical and Airsports Federation Microlight Division
Meteo - very good Greek nautical weather forecasts
Other links - AOPA Greece website with excellent information concerning VFR flying in Greece - website of Greek GA Association. You can find interesting information here concerning VFR flying in Greece. You can also access a free VFR chart of TMA Athens with all the VFR navigation points here.


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Greek flying experience:

Handling is compulsory at all Greek airports where available. Cost is usually around 100 EUR. At government owned airports This is reduced to about 25-40 EUR for AOPA members. So, if you fly to Greece, you should become an AOPA member and have your membership card with you. The biggest problem in Greece is fuel (un)availability. Therefore, plan your flight route keeping refuelling in mind. 
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