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Entry:  Finland is part of the Schengen area. Flights within Schengen can land at any airport without the need to clear customs/immigration controls. Flights from/to other countries need to fly to/from international airports in Finland and are subject to customs and immigration controls.
FPL: An FPL is compulsory for any flight which is partly or entirely carried out in a controlled airspace, and for international flights. An FPL must be filed at least 60 minutes prior to the flight. 
Microlights: There is no need for a special permission when flying microlight to Finland. However, such aircraft can only for a maximum of 2 months in Finland and must not be used for training purposes. 


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Airports: - information on Finnish airports
ATC - ATC Finland - Finavia - link to GA-related information
MLA association: - EUT - Experimental and Ultrakevyet Toimikunta
 Meteo - Finnish weather info in English
Other links - Flight briefing services for GA - aviation charts - interesting information on aviation in Finland - Form to order a seasonal card for Finnish airports. If you fly to Finland, it is recommended you buy this card to cover the cost of your landings without much hassle and at a discount.


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