European Islands from above: Mediterranean Sea 2.


European Islands from above      In our new videoseries we want to offer you European Islands filme from small plane. Today flight over the Etna volcano.

Mediterranean Islands, part 2

The second video from our expedition Mediterranean Islands covers the flight from Lampedusa Island (southernmost of European Islands in the Mediterranean Sea) to Pantelleria Island and further over Sicily to Reggio Calabria airport. On the way you can enjoy the beauty of the very active volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. The uniqueness of the footage is accentuated by the fact that flying over Mount Etna is prohibited since about three years ago. The following video which we will present Wednesday next, you will be invited to enjoy our flight over the volcanic Lipari Islands. 

Friday ´ s flight videos

We have a new flight video for you on every Friday. Today first part of a new series European Islands from above.

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Flying Revue expedition videos

We have been flying our expeditions over interesting places of our planet for already 5 years. Over that period we have managed fly over, take photos and film videos of interesting places in Europe, USA including Alaska, Canada,  Carribean Islands, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We usually have three outside cameras mounted on the expedition aircraft. Photos are taken with one photo camera through open windows from inside the cabin. After each expedition, the videos are edited, captions added and a series of 6-10 minute videos are made from each expedition. These are then used in our presentations to pilots as well as general public. The objective being to promote aviation and present the beauty of the world from above.

The videos from older flight expeditions have not been, so far, shown on Flying Revue website and we would like to correct this now. We therefore introduce a new series „The world from above with Flying Revue“ which will feature all our videos made during all of our previous expeditions. Some of these are still in a graphic format which we had been using earlier but that should not reduce the beauty of seeing the world from the air. A new video will regularly be introduced every Friday. The first part of the new series „The world from above with Flying Revue“ will feature expeditions flown over European Islands. 




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Jindřich Ilem, Jožo Skácal, Michal Beran, Jiří Pruša, Miloš Dermišek
Jindřich Ilem, Jožo Skácal, Michal Beran, Jiří Pruša, Miloš Dermišek