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AIP  - probably the world's most complete database of AIPs from around the world. The website is accessible free of charge.
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Meteo – worldwide overview of the current situation and forecasts of wind strength and direction at different altitudes. You can zoom it in to a great detail and use various layers, including temperature, pressure, snow, rain, etc. The website is accessible free of charge. – great Norwegian weather website, where you can select different places on the map, which will always show weather there, when you open again this website from the same computer. The website contains weather statistics and forecast for the next 10 days as well as a detailed hourly forecast for the next 48 hours for any selected place on the World. The website is accessible free of charge. - On this website you can see satellite overview and animations of the actual weather anywhere in the world. The website also contains weather forecasts. The website is accessible free of charge. - on this website you can find basic information about aviation weather in the individual areas of Europe. METARs and TAFs for individual airports are also available here. - Official meteo information, statistics, forecasts, radar etc. only for the USA.
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General information: 


Required Aircraft documents for flights abroad

The following documents and instructions must be carried on the board of aircraft, in accordance with ICAO rules:

  • Flight manual of the aircraft
  • Certificate of registration in the aviation register
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Noise capability certificate (if is required for the airplane)
  • Permission for establish and operating of radio station
  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Procedures for the commander of the intervening aircraft
  • Visual signals used by intervening aircraft
  • Airplane logbook
  • Maintenance certificate 
  • Submitted flight plan (if required)
  • Actual and valid maps suitable for planned and possible alternative route

Although these are internationally agreed documents, some countries still set their own requirements. It is therefore appropriate to go through the AIP and / or other national regulations of the country to verify that no additional documents are required.

Aircraft documents required for flying in the Czech Republic

  • Pilot license for the aircraft category
  • Medical certificate
  • At least a limited radio operator's licence
  • Identity Document with photo (ID, passport etc.)
  • Flight logbook with marked qualification for current aircraft type

For flying abroad it is in general neccesary to have additional documents

  • General radiotelephone operator's license (not only limited version)
  • English language proficiency capability entered in the pilot licence

Interesting websites which are dedicated in the issue of VFR flying in Europe

Airport information

Personal experience of a British pilot with VFR flying in Europe:


This section is focuses mainly on the possibilities of flying abroad and you can find here a lot of information which are continuously supplemented and updated. The Flying Revue editorial staff makes every effort to ensure, that the information is correct and actual. However, in some cases, the actual regulations in a particular country or airport may be updated without our knowledge. Therefore, the editors of the Flying Revue website cannot be held liable for any problems associated. It is therefore of duty and responsibility of each pilot to check the current situation in the relevant regulatory documents, before the flight. 

These information contained in this section are based on various national sources as well as on the personal experience of the pilots. We will be happy, if you send to us, to our email address  any of your experience from flying abroad, which we can expand quantity of information available for other pilots. 

The information provided is this section are regularly reviewed and the date of the last inspection / update is always marked under the selected country. 

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