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logo_fr_videobank_eng.jpg The globally unique project of a videobank containing spheric videos of hundreds of airports in many countries has been introduced by Flying Revue in order to assist pilots with the preparation of their VFR flights. Whenever you fly to a new airport it is important to prepare yourself as best as you can. Runway length, surface, notams, traffic circuit, opening hours, fuel availability all that is important. However, the approach path, the vicinity of the airport, its runway system, its fuel pump location etc. is no less important.

To study the airport from all the various angles offered by the spherical (360) camara attached to our aircraft offers the most comprehensive, simple and quick way of learning and memorizing all the details of your destination airport.

The Flying Revue Videobank contains currently videos of airports in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. Airports and airfields in Switzerland, Poland and Germany will be added during 2021. On average, one video is added each and every day. You can sample several airports free of charge. If you like what you see feel free to get unrestricted access to all the videos in all the countries for 12 months at a miniprice of 20 EUR. 

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Airport Videobank

Airport Videobank

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